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Maneger's Message


Maneger's Message

Masseeh Dilasa is the pride of Uttarkashi City. In everyone’s heart, it has a place with lovely sentiments and deep attachments. This ‘Temple of Learning’ is embellished and adorned with the association of the beautiful people of this city. Masseeh Dilasa has been in par excellence, as it fulfills the responsibility of forming ‘New Persons’ who foster universal ethical values and make them fully alive to bring about a just society.

Walking with time and its needs, the Management adopts new methodologies and strategies in the field of education. In this venture, refreshing and modifying the school website and launching school software is an endeavour to prosper communication between the management and parents as to remain properly informed from both ends. From the new academic year 2022-23’, all stakeholders of Masseeh Dilasa will avail of its services.

I cordially thank everyone for the constant support you render to this noble institution, especially during the covid 19 pandemic and its after-effects. Thank you for being with us in the difficult times.

On the brim of the new academic year, I wish and pray for the blessings towards a vibrant and fruitful time of learning.